Organize your aliases with .bash_aliases file

Date published06.06.2020Time to read1 minutes read

Up until recently, I was organizing my bash aliases by putting them directly into my $USER/.zshrc file. While this works, I came across better way to keep the things neatly organized.

.bash_aliases file

.bash_aliases file, located in your user's HOME directory, is the proper place to put all your aliases.

Your shell will automatically load this file, and all your aliases will be available with every new shell session started.

One such .bash_aliases file could look like:

alias mkctl="microk8s kubectl"
alias ll="ls -alhtr"

So, mkctl and ll aliases will be there for you.

zsh setup

In case you're using zsh shell, instead of bash, you can load your aliases automatically but putting the following snippet into your $USER/.zshrc file:

source $HOME/.bash_aliases

That way you will have the aliases loaded in your zsh sessions.

$USER/.zshrc file contains many configuration options and I found it useful to keep my own aliases separately.


Keep the things neatly organized by using .bash_aliases.

That was all for today! Hope you liked it!

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