Asynchronous event publishing using Spring Boot

Date published 30.07.2018Time to read 4 minute read

Avoid NullPointerException - use Java 8 Optional

How to deal with the imperfect world of values? The world has changed with regards to how we treat the absence of value. Java has a brand new approach to it! Should you use it or keep on dealing with null value on your own?

Date published 28.12.2018Time to read 4 minute read

Spring MVC JUnit testing

Nowadays, it's all about the APIs. How do you test them in the Spring world? Is dealing with all that JSON coming in and out that complicated?

Date published 28.10.2018Time to read 3 minute read

Java 8 Stream API - reduce operator

Date published 30.07.2018Time to read 6 minute read

Lightweight strategy pattern in Java 8

Date published 28.08.2018Time to read 5 minute read