Contexts MacOS window manager

Contexts helps you preserve more focus and get more productive on your MacOS workstation! Let's see how!

Date published 07.02.2020Time to read 4 minute read

Primary school of IntelliJ IDEA

I can't emphasize enough how much IntelliJ IDEA IDE helps me every day! Unbeatable refactoring, state of the art git client... Curious to hear more? Let's dive in!

Date published 17.02.2020Time to read 4 minute read

The clash of the giants - IntelliJ Ultimate vs Visual Studio Code

I'm guiding you through the weaknesses and strengths of two immensely powerful integrated development environments

Date published 03.04.2020Time to read 8 minute read

Stop reading technical books, read blogs

Increase your productivity by being pragmatic. None cares for your deep understanding of technology.

Date published 24.04.2020Time to read 9 minute read