Constructors in kotlin

Date published 25.06.2017Time to read 2 minute read

Decorator pattern in kotlin

Date published 23.07.2017Time to read 1 minute read

Avoid NullPointerException - use Java 8 Optional

How to deal with the imperfect world of values? The world has changed with regards to how we treat the absence of value. Java has a brand new approach to it! Should you use it or keep on dealing with null value on your own?

Date published 28.12.2018Time to read 4 minute read

Extension functions in kotlin

Already using Kotlin? Feeling like some functionalities are not there in the existing APIs? Wait... there is a way to fix it?!

Date published 30.07.2017Time to read 2 minute read

Easy way to contribute to the Github open-source project

The exact steps to take to contribute to the open-source projects. If you think you need clear guidance - let's sort it out together!

Date published 14.04.2020Time to read 4 minute read

Factory method pattern in Kotlin

Date published 15.08.2018Time to read 2 minute read

Primary school of IntelliJ IDEA

I can't emphasize enough how much IntelliJ IDEA IDE helps me every day! Unbeatable refactoring, state of the art git client... Curious to hear more? Let's dive in!

Date published 17.02.2020Time to read 4 minute read

Querying Mongodb documents for array properties

Date published 30.04.2017Time to read 2 minute read

Spring MVC JUnit testing

Nowadays, it's all about the APIs. How do you test them in the Spring world? Is dealing with all that JSON coming in and out that complicated?

Date published 28.10.2018Time to read 3 minute read

Using regular expressions for querying Mongodb documents

Date published 30.04.2017Time to read 1 minute read

Is Google Pixelbook software development ready

Just bought Google Pixelbook. Is it usable as a development workstation?

Date published 06.05.2020Time to read 8 minute read

The clash of the giants - IntelliJ Ultimate vs Visual Studio Code

I'm guiding you through the weaknesses and strengths of two immensely powerful integrated development environments

Date published 03.04.2020Time to read 8 minute read

Java 8 Stream API - reduce operator

Date published 30.07.2018Time to read 6 minute read

Lightweight strategy pattern in Java 8

Date published 28.08.2018Time to read 5 minute read

Stop reading technical books, read blogs

Increase your productivity by being pragmatic. None cares for your deep understanding of technology.

Date published 24.04.2020Time to read 9 minute read

Software development vocabulary for the newcomers

Are you new to software development? Confused with too many buzz-words? Let me help you with these!

Date published 30.04.2020Time to read 15 minute read