Being a member of various development teams for over a decade  helped me gain significant experience when dealing with businesses, technology and people

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Independent freelancer

Freelance senior software developer

LocationBerlin, GermanyTime periodAugust 2020 - Present

Offering design and implementation of scalable software systems running on cloud infrastructures. Specialized for microservice based designs and implementations (Java, Kotlin, Spring Boot)

Market Logic Software GmbH

Senior software developer / Software architect

LocationBerlin, GermanyTime periodDec 2017 - June 2020

Design and implementation of highly scalable, resilient and elastic document processing pipelines using asynchronous, micro-service architectures

Avenso GmbH

Senior software engineer

LocationBerlin, GermanyTime periodOct 2016 - Nov 2017

Designing scalable e-commerce solution based on existing microservices practic
Leading role in designing and implementing set of stateless Rest APIs using Open-source tooling (Spring, Git, Mongo, Docker).


Senior software engineer

LocationBerlin, GermanyTime periodDec 2014 - Oct 2016

Hybris e-commerce platform customization / Open source development Responsibilities included Hybris e-commerce platform customization combined with Open-source development (Spring, Git, Solr). Site ops experience

Ascendant technology - Avnet services

Senior software engineer

LocationBelgrade, SerbiaTime periodDec 2010 - Dec 2014


Retail sector: Irish water supply company

The aim of this project was to implement platform for backoffice. Application based on Spring MVC, Spring Data JPA, jQuery, JSP, JQuery data tables, MySQL. Application was full CRUD, based on latest open source tech stack. Took care of developing all the application layers: UI (Bootstrap, JQuery, Handlebars) and backend (Spring)

IBM Worklight London mentoring session

Providing IBM Worklight training to IBM students, held in London 2014. Course took 5 days, my teacher role was to cover all IBM Worklight v5 development aspects.

Retail sector: IBM portlets to JBoss Spring MVC applications migration for worldwide energetic drinks supplier

The aim of this project was to migrate existing portlets from IBM WebSphere to standalone separate applications powered by Spring, hosted in JBoss container. I took care of developing all the application layers: UI migration (Dojo to JQuery / Ajax) and backend (Portlet components to Spring ones )

Retail sector: Polish leading book retailer

The aim of this project was to participate in customization of WebSphere commerce V7 platform. All app layers development. Developing custom Payment plugin for integration with 3rd party payment gateway. Responsibility to design full payment integration solution and implement the same. Mentoring role for WebSphere Commerce developers in Poland regarding customization design of business requirements

Retail sector: UK clothes trading company

The aim of this project was to participate in performance tuning and code refactoring of existing WebSphere commerce platform. Senior consultant role

Retail sector: Worldwide clothes trading company

The aim of this project was to participate in managed services activities. This involved incident support, bug fixing, as well as developing new features for existing store. Responsibility was to cover all application layers of WebSphere Commerce application. His role also included intensive communication with client side. I took care of handling all various code layers related tasks. Also, his role considered incident support, which requires having complete understanding of WebSphere Commerce architecture, in order to be able to implement fixes, as well as new store functionalities. Numerous integration points of existing store required understanding of various protocols used as underlying connection points

Retail sector: Worldwide Industrial and Healthcare Gasses Reseller: IBM WCS development

The aim of this project was to integrate WebSphere Commerce with the external procurement systems so that business partners can purchase gas products from within their own procurement systems I was responsible for developing a very advanced self-service section within WebSphere Commerce integrated to SAP. This covered the whole lifecycle of a page, from initial load, dynamic updates via AJAX, credit card collection, communication with SAP, and confirmation emails.

Health-care, Tax and Accounting sector IBM WCS development

Taking important design and development roles on three projects for one of the greatest US clients in its business area. Responsibilities were mainly customizing existing WebSphere Commerce features, creating new features as well as bug fixing of existing projects. Implementation of Account Create, Tax Service and Order Submit service for Commerce integration with BizTalk & SAP services is one of very important experiences that came with projects. Very solid knowledge of Commerce backend, as well as advanced frontend skills and Commerce DB2 database. Knowledge of Jira time-tracking, issue tracking and project management tool, which was intensively used on projects for team communication. Customizing solr schema for business needs Code design and development and testing contribution on attended projects. Main idea while implementing required tasks was to implement code that is not error-prone and is easily maintainable and reusable, with respecting client’s hours in reasonable degree. Customization of WebSphere Commerce command framework for adding business required functionalities, as well as modifying frontend layer took main part of development time. Had chance to be part of development team that implemented several integration points with SAP service (Account Create, Tax service, Order Submit service). Integration involved BizTalk layer as middleware, which exposed web services that Commerce was tied to. BizTalk acted like a tunnel in communication, and we were responsible to prepare BizTalk request and process SAP response, depending on service implemented. I was involved directly on implementing Account Create service, while also had role on modifying / maintaining other mentioned services.

Excelus DOO

Software engineer

LocationBelgrade, SerbiaTime periodJan 2010 – Dec 2010


Automotive colaboration software development

Responsibilities included PHP architecture solutions and implementation phase, including all Web application layers, from front-end to PHP layer, over to underlying MySQL database. Software was being developed for automobile-industry, mainly for western clients. Application was generic enough to be usable for all the industries that are based on supply chain management and collaboration. Making solution for basic application design and architecture, so that it could be easily maintained. Took vital role in development and testing phases

Java Portlets development

Development of portlet applications for Liferay container. CRUD portlet for business backoffice. Developing all application layers